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Rookie Blue The Girlfriend Experience (HD, TV-14) Andy and Nick discover a missing student was leading a double life as an escort, leading Gail to go undercover; Dov and Chris discover a killer is at large.
Rookie Blue Out of Time (HD, TV-14) Dov and Chris find a missing girl's body; the officers learn that Gail was abducted during the call girl sting and must hurry to track down her captor.
Rookie Blue Cold Comforts (HD, TV-14) After a laptop full of sensitive information is stolen, the officers set off to search for it; they find a drug informant who has been compromised by the leak.
Class of the Titans Bad Blood (TV-Y7, FV) Cronus hires a thief to steal the arrow Hercules used to slay the hydra.
Class of the Titans Dreamweaver (TV-Y7, FV) Morpheus helps Theresa use her telepathic powers to give Cronus a prophetic vision.
Being Ian Home Alone (TV-Y7) Ian finally gets some private time by tricking everyone out of the house.
Being Ian Dorkbusters Inc. (TV-Y7) Ian sells his services as a professional dork.
Archie's Weird Mysteries Dream Girl (TV-Y7) A beautiful girl begins visiting Archie in his dreams, but she is also appearing in the dreams of Veronica and Betty and warns them to stay away from Archie.
Archie's Weird Mysteries Green-Eyed Monster (TV-Y7) A green-eyed, green-haired exchange student arrives in town and immediately attracts the attention of Archie, leaving Betty and Veronica jealous and suspicious.
ION Life
Design Rivals Zen Jen (TV-PG) Jenn has a new job as a doctor and a new condo but her busy work and social schedule leaves her no time to relax so she meets her designers at a yoga lesson.
Your House & Home (TV-G) A look at how to landscape homes with limited spaces in the city; how to plant, starting with seeds and potting soil; what to look for when shopping for winter.
Room To Grow Formal Oasis (TV-G) Amanda and Carson bring order and structure to a small but overgrown formal garden in the city by putting in a patio and intimate seating area.
Makeover Wish The Donor (TV-G) A wife brings the story of how her husband saved her life six months after they got married by donating a kidney to her when she fell ill.
Home to Go Bancer's Retreat (TV-PG) Professional designers offer creative and affordable home-improvement solutions for homeowners that don't want to leave anything behind when they move.
For Your Home Rest and Renew (TV-G) Host Vicki Payne discusses how a good night's sleep is a key to maintaining the body's energy, showing her decorating expertise in putting together a bedroom.
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