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« White Collar Need to Know (HD, TV-PG) When the agency gets a tip that there's a corrupt politician out there trying to advance his career, Neal opts to go undercover to bring him down.
White Collar Copycat Caffrey (HD, TV-PG) A recreation of one of Neal's old crimes suggests a talented copycat is active, so he and Peter follow the evidence to a suspect at a local college campus.
psych Right Turn or Left for Dead (TV-PG) After solving a case that involved a mysterious Swedish woman, Shawn wonders how things would be if he had done something differently at the start.
psych Juliet Wears the Pantsuit (TV-PG) Despite their unique personality quirks, Shawn and Woody begin to bond; Juliet becomes friends with a girl despite the fact that Shawn thinks she's a murderer.
Sandra, the Fairytale Detective Bad Wolf; Bubbles (Repeat, TV-G) Sandra and Fo investigate the Wolf from the Three Little Pigs to see if he is still a bad guy; Sandra helps Neptune retrieve his daughter's voice.
Being Ian Ken Kelley & the Keyboard Factory (TV-Y7) An accident makes Ken reflect on the need to find a successor to run the store.
Being Ian Kelley's Seven (TV-Y7) Ian needs his friends to pull off a heist to get back a famous cheese sandwich.
Babar The Phantom (TV-Y7) When Babar learns who the Phantom really is, he tries to befriend him and draw him out of his life of seclusion within the abandoned theater.
Babar The Gift (TV-Y7) Babar tries to get a tail feather of the elusive "Way Out Bird" to use as a birthday present for the Old Lady.
Funniest Pets & People (TV-PG) Laugh-out-loud videos of animals making huge messes, from small dogs creating big disasters and a dolphin destroying a child's birthday.
ION Life
For Your Home Healthy Home (TV-G) Vicki talks with a number of exterminators and asbestos inspectors to get tips on improving a house's health and be able to determine where it originates.
Diva on a Dime The Engaged Engineer (TV-PG) A mechanical engineering student sheds her tomboy appearance for a more feminine look in time for her upcoming engagement party to surprise her fiancé.
Diva on a Dime The Big Break (TV-PG) Before their showcase for several record label executives, the singer of an emerging band wants to improve her look since image is everything in the industry.
Real Designing Women Finishing School (Repeat, TV-PG) Lori tries to land "insider" status with V and M; Dee Dee oversees the completion of a condo penthouse; Nina stresses over the deadline for The Dillon condos.
Bulging Brides The Big Squeeze (Hope) (TV-14) Hope has six weeks to cut back on all snack foods and commit herself to cardio if she has any chance of fitting into her already busted dress.
Bulging Brides Destination Buff (Kelly) (TV-14) After gaining 30 pounds within the span of one year, a bride needs to return to her healthy exercise habits if she hopes to fit properly into her dress.
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