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Rookie Blue The Kids Are Not Alright (HD, TV-14) Andy is getting ready to enjoy a long weekend when she and Gail run across a teenage boy in the trunk of a car and try to stop him from making a mistake.
Rookie Blue Poison Pill (HD, TV-14) The squad is franticly searching the city after Andy and Marlo find drugs contanimated with bacteria that leaves them needing decontamination.
Rookie Blue Skeletons (HD, TV-14) A link is made between a missing girl's case and a possible copycat of one of the squad's worst cases, bringing detective Like Callaghan back to 15 Division.
Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series The Ice Cream Promise (TV-G) Marilla enlists Anne to help her in the making of homemade ice cream, until it becomes clear to them how time-consuming their task is.
Pippi Longstocking Pippi Visits Aunt Matilda (TV-Y7) When Bloom discovers he may be an heir to Aunt Matilda's fortune, Pippi finds him charitable activities.
Sally Bollywood: Super Detective Night at the Museum; The Case of the Sad Clown (TV-Y7) A classmate, a known graffiti artist, is accused of tampering with an exhibit at a local museum during a school field trip; Sally and Doowee split assignments.
Famous 5: On the Case The Case of the Impolite Snarly Thing (TV-Y7) The Five are eager to undertake a biking trip to the Darkstone Moors where a mythical half-lizard/half-wolf creature called the Mogow Ki is said to roam.
Animal Atlas Goin' Ape (HD, TV-G) Animals and their environments around the world are featured, highlighting the important links between the creatures of the wild and their ecosystems.
Artzooka Artzooka! 215 (TV-G) Jeremie makes a surprise bank with a secret compartment; Jeremie creates a bag using old CDs and DVDs; Jeremie crafts a popcorn clown.
ION Life
Chef At Home Fennel Fish Stew (TV-G) Michael makes a new recipe for a Mediterranean-style fish stew with fresh halibut haddock perfected by a French loaf with anchovy butter and a little lemon.
Loving Spoonfuls Anja Karpinia's Finnish Salmon Soup (TV-G) A Finnish grandmother challenges host David Gale to eat the eye of the Salmon from her Finnish Salmon Soup, so David challenges her back.
Chef at Large Hitch Fishing Lodge (TV-G) Chef and television personality Michael Smith travels around the country to explore other chef's kitchens and collaborate with them on unique food dishes.
Chef at Large Toronto Caribana Festival (TV-G) Chef and television personality Michael Smith travels around the country to explore other chef's kitchens and collaborate with them on unique food dishes.
Bulging Brides Miles to the Aisle (TV-14) A bride-to-be learned to love high-fat Filipino food thanks to her fiancé, and now she needs to lose more than 30 pounds in order to fit into her wedding gown.
Bulging Brides Weight and See (TV-14) After losing more than 100 pounds on her own, a bride-to-be is struggling to lose the last few pounds she needs to fit into her wedding dress.
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