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Blue Bloods Fathers and Son (HD, TV-14) Danny and Kate are put on the case when two motorists driving gas-guzzling cars are killed at the hands of a radical environmental serial killer.
Blue Bloods Front Page News (HD, TV-14) Jamie must tackle the emotional consequences of his recent actions on the job; Erin questions Mayor Poole on the witness stand in front of a no-nonsense judge.
Blue Bloods Framed (HD, TV-14) Danny is stopped by the NYPD as his vehicle was described as being involved in a drug deal, and is taken into custody when a bag of cocaine if found in the car.
Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks Mind Your Manners (HD, TV-G) Piggley nearly ruins a party hosted by Mr. McGandry in honor of his cousin, the Ambassador to Denmark, because of his mannerisms.
Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks Tale Spinner (HD, TV-G) Piggley thinks he can wait until the last minute when a substitute teacher instructs the class to write a two-page true story.
Babar and the Adventures of Badou A Bird in the Hand; Slogging Through (TV-Y) Prospero makes devious plans to snatch a rare bird from its natural habitat; Badou and Tersh find themselves lost in the Crocodile Slogs.
Babar and the Adventures of Badou Rhino Rule; The Unhidden Courtyard (TV-Y) Rataxes could find himself affected by an age-old law concerning Rhino Lords; Badou worries that Ambassador Crocodylus will find the Hidden Courtyard.
The Adventures of Paddington Bear Paddington Goes Under Ground; Paddington in the Ring; Mr. Curry Lets Off Steam (TV-Y) Paddington's first ride on the subway; a visit to a training school for novice sumos; Paddington lets Mr. Curry use the Browns' sauna.
The Adventures of Paddington Bear A Visit to the Bank; A Spot of Fishing; Bear's Job Week (TV-Y) Paddington worries that his money was stolen; Paddington gets stranded during a fishing trip; Paddington helps Mr. Curry finish his costume.
ION Life
Rookie Blue You Are Here (HD, TV-14) Traci encounters her first homicide case while on a routine marijuana bust, leaving Andy, Nick and Gail working overtime to help investigate the case.
Rookie Blue Deception (HD, TV-14) A suspected pedophile is found beaten and Andy finds out Marlo has been carrying out an unauthorized investigation into the man, making her a suspect.
Rookie Blue Under Fire (HD, TV-14) Andy and Chloe discover that 15 Division is the target of revenge for an unknown shooter when they dodge shots while answering a routine 911 call.
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