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Burn Notice Hot Spot (HD, TV-14) Michael must recover stolen goods from a factory during a fire, and it is up to Sam and Fiona to get him out safely.
Burn Notice Seek and Destroy (HD, TV-14) Michael assists a well-to-do art dealer by pretending to be a Corporate Espionage Specialist.
Burn Notice Bad Breaks (HD, TV-14) A federal agent who has a knack for getting Michael into trouble returns to Miami and insists that Michael turn over blackmail materials.
Willa's Wild Life Willa Sets the Stage; Willa in the Wilderness (TV-Y7) Willa overcomes her case of stage fright by rehearsing with her animals; Willa camps out with her animals after her initial attempt is rained out.
Pearlie Whiter Shade of Pale; Flower Talk (Repeat, TV-Y7) A magical accident results in snowy havoc in the park; Pearlie uses an elf-only potion to be able to talk to the flowers before a photo shoot.
Sally Bollywood: Super Detective George's Forced Labour; From Bombay with Love (TV-Y7) A popular boy at school is blackmailed; a teenage movie star prone to throw tantrums asks SBI to find out who is telling the media about her behavior.
Famous 5: On the Case The Case of the Fudgie Fry Pirates (TV-Y7) The Kirrin cousins and their dog Timmy take a day-sailing trip to a nearby island, but before long they are asked to leave by a group of environmentalists.
Animal Exploration with Jarod Miller Great Animals with Gross Habits (TV-G) Jarod investigates some animals with unusual behaviors that many people find unsettling, including eating carrion and projectile poop.
Artzooka Artzooka! 217 (TV-G) Jeremie creates a magnetic town; stickers made out of paper, glue, vinegar and a sheet of plastic; creating a textured image with crayons and textured surfaces.
ION Life
Southern Fried Fitness Feed Your Figure Right, With This Designer Dinner (TV-G) Robin shares her commitment to helping people embrace their body types and understand the nutrition that is best for them.
Southern Fried Fitness Call Me Butter, Cuz I'm on a Roll (TV-G) Robin creates a healthier version of two classic Southern dishes and explains the steps you need to follow to learn, master, and teach the gift of good health.
Now Eat This! with Rocco Dispirito Raspanti Family (TV-G) Rocco meets a family that has trouble keeping up with a balanced diet despite a rigorous exercise schedule, so he shows them easy and healthy recipes to help.
At the Table with... Biba Caggiano (TV-G) Italian chef Biba Caggiano is the recipient of a thorough profile, and her restaurant was voted Sacramento, Calif.'s best for eight years in a row.
The Bucket List (TV-PG, PG-13, ***) A billionaire and a working-class man who both have terminal cancer sneak out of their hospital room to accomplish the goals they have left unfinished.
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