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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Chick Chop Flick Shop (HD, TV-14) An actress from a horror film is murdered on the studio set, and Grissom and his team of top investigators must go behind the scenes to catch the culprit.
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Who & What (HD, TV-14) The CSIs join forces with FBI agent Jack Malone when the death of a boy in Vegas is connected to a kidnapping in New York City six years earlier.
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Goodbye & Good Luck (HD, TV-14) When Sara discovers that her current case has a deep connection with another one from her past, her future as part of the force is put in question.
Doki Stuck on Carnival; Fico's Fossil (Repeat, TV-Y7) Team Doki visits the Caribbean Islands to investigate a party that lasts for days; the team heads to North Dakota to learn where fossils really come from.
Doki The Great Wall of Fico; Doki by the Dozen (Repeat, TV-Y7) A dog named Doki with a lot of questions travels with his best friends to a variety of locations to learn about science, nature, history, and geography.
Mickey's Farm Market; Horse (TV-Y) Mickey discovers a pile of vegetables on the road and decides to take them to the store, but Katrina the Carrot show him somewhere better to take the veggies.
Mickey's Farm Swimming; Recital (TV-Y) Mickey tries to play with his duck friends, except he's too afraid to get into the pond, but Doug the Dog show Mickey all sorts of animals that love the water.
Rupert Rupert and the Lost Memory (TV-Y) The residents of Nutwood have mysteriously lost their memories, putting Rupert to the task of finding and returning them.
Rupert Rupert and the Carousel (TV-Y) Rupert and his friends fix up an old, abandoned carousel, and later find that it was given to a spoiled price who wants every toy imaginable.
ION Life
Chef At Home Easy Pizza Party (TV-G) Michael creates rich and zesty pizza sauce for a fun party idea where guests can personalize their favorite with a selection of toppings.
Chef At Home Simple Chicken Stew (TV-G) Host Michael Smith effectively prepares an impromptu chicken and mushroom stew, mashed potatoes, carrot sticks and sautéed asparagus.
Chef At Home Lazy Day Beef Stew (TV-G) Michael prepares a warm, seasonal beef stew with sweet-smelling vegetables and potatoes and topped off with some of his homemade whole-wheat cheddar biscuits.
Chef At Home Easy Thai Dinner (TV-G) A Thailand friend sends a postcard and is inspired to make a Thai noodle dish, cucumber salad, steamed Asian greens with spicy peanut sauce and pineapple salad.
Loving Spoonfuls Loza Stavroff's Macedonian Delights (TV-PG) A Macedonian grandmother makes a traditional meal of two different flaky Banitsas filled with savory meat and teaches David the Horo dance.
Loving Spoonfuls Rudaolfa Hood's Johnnycakes and Codfish (TV-PG) Columbus called this isle "the Great Jewel of the Caribbean," a grandmother cooks traditional island preferences from the island of Nevis.
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