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Law & Order: Criminal Intent Blink (HD, TV-14) The investigation of the murder of a math student employed as a card-counter in a poker club leads to a large computer gambling ring.
Flashpoint Below The Surface (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) The first blast of a bomb tears through a quiet suburban neighborhood in a war between rival biker gangs; Parker realizes a young informant's life is in danger
Flashpoint Forget Oblivion (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Ed risks his life to save a man with a perfect memory who is abducted and forced to penetrate a high-tech research lab and memorize a new smart gun's design.
Archie's Weird Mysteries Virtually Evil (TV-Y7) Angry at Reggie for his incessant boasting about beating him at basketball, Archie competes against him in a virtual reality game at the new town carnival.
Archie's Weird Mysteries Zombies of Love (TV-Y7) When Veronica becomes upset that Archie is not being attentive enough to her needs, she visits a witch to ask for a potion that will make him be devoted to her.
Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire Lot (TV-Y7) Beth, Holmes, and the Irregulars must track down a vampire-like creature that locked itself inside of a bank vault.
Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle (TV-Y7) Henry Baker loses a carbuncle which turns out to be a human-like prototype robot and which Moriarity wants very badly.
Animorphs The Leader, Part 1 (TV-Y7) Marco and Jake are captured by a Yeerk morph-detecting device and are sent to the Yeerk mothership, where they meet the Yeerk leader.
Animorphs The Leader, Part 2 (TV-Y7) Cassie and Rachel destroy the Kandrona on Earth while Marco and Jake use a chance to get off the mothership with help from Ax and others.
ION Life
My Generation Fountain of Youth (Repeat, TV-G) The search for the fountain of youth; a look at the new face of fifty and up; how to make your savings last; old railroad beds converted into hiking trails.
My Green House Electronics (TV-G) Andy teaches a bachelor to green his current electronics; Shannon learns about eco-friendly electronics; Travis talks about furnace replacement.
Home to Go Common Ground (TV-PG) Professional designers offer creative and affordable home-improvement solutions for homeowners that don't want to leave anything behind when they move.
Design Rivals Star Power (TV-PG) On the set of a soap opera, Chris and Stephen meet Lilana. Later, the designers find Lilana's condo is badly in need of a makeover so they offer help.
The Right Fit Julie's Rejuvenation (TV-G) A mother tries to lose the weight she gained from pregnancy; Michelle discusses using a heart monitor during workouts; a chef reveals alternatives for parties.
Positive Living Playing Big: Strategies for Getting What We Want (TV-G) Mike Lipkin gives tips for persuasion; Pascal Ribreau discusses passion and perseverance; Debbie Papadakis talks about hypnosis; belief discussion.
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