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Burn Notice Lesser Evil (HD, TV-14) Michael uncovers a surprising fact from Victor's secret past and has a long overdue confrontation with Carla.
Burn Notice Friends and Family (HD, TV-14) With the help of an old friend, Michael finds himself out of jail, but his liberator has a request: help extraditing a thug from a Latin American country.
Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior The Time is Now (HD, TV-14) Cooper is called upon to testify when a past case involving a woman on death row petitions for a mistrial based on the testimony that was given by FBI director.
Bigfoot Presents: Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks The Big Sleepover; Teamwork (TV-Y) Little Tow invites his friends to a sleepover right before an important race; Jose loses a race because he refuses to work in a team.
Bigfoot Presents: Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks King Krush; The Pennant Race (TV-Y) The trucks are afraid of the movie monster, King Krush; Meteor accuses his friends of stealing his prized racing pennant without learning the facts first.
Dive, Olly, Dive Sticky Stones; Shankley Ahoy (TV-Y7) Olly and his friends are unaware their new construction blocks are actually barracuda eggs; Shankley works on ships that have never been out to sea.
Dive, Olly, Dive To Catch a Thief; A Jelly Old Time (TV-Y7) The gang has to confront a group of jelly fish that move into the harbor and mess up the local ecology; part of Olly and Beth's experiments are stolen.
The Choo Choo Bob Show Choo Choo Bob's Christmas Adventure (TV-Y) Bob's grandfather comes to Bob's clubhouse to celebrate Christmas with him and the gang.
The Choo Choo Bob Show By Golly, It's a Trolley; Out of Scale (TV-Y) Rich gets a job selling model railroads door to door, while Choo Choo Bob and Engineer Paul take an exciting ride on a trolley; scale models.
ION Life
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Sexy Abs Dance your way to hot, sexy abs and burn fat off your entire body with Shaun T's fun, exciting dance program, Hip Hop Abs brought to you by Beachbody.
Now Eat This! with Rocco Dispirito Reilly Family (TV-G) Rocco meets a family that has decided that instead of a healthy diet they would rely on medications to control their weight, but Rocco has other plans.
Anna and Kristina's Grocery Bag Entertaining with Booze (HD, TV-PG) Anna and Kristina are test recipes from the cookbook "Entertaining with Booze," and they find out that the added alcohol in some recipes improved taste.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
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