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« Holiday Road Trip (TV-PG) A woman finds herself on a road trip across the country with her boss' son to deliver her company's mascot dog to the Beverly Hills Christmas Parade.
Back to Christmas (TV-PG, NR) A woman whose engagement ended unexpectedly a year earlier wakes up to find she has mysteriously traveled back in time to last Christmas for a second chance.
Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century The Adventure of the Dancing Men (TV-Y7) Hilton Cubitt and his wife, Elsie, are researching plants growing at subzero temperatures and someone tries to kill them for the information.
Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? Moondreams (TV-Y7) Zack and Ivy are called in to investigate when a series of seemingly unrelated items are all stolen by Carmen, who is trying to steal the moon.
Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? Music to My Ears (TV-Y7) Carmen develops the ability to take away someone else's musical talents and demonstrates this by hosting a concert in the stolen Sydney Opera House.
Class of the Titans Golden Boy (TV-Y7, FV) Neil is cursed by Nemesis for his self-centeredness and is given the ability to turn everything he touches into gold, including his friends.
Class of the Titans Phantom Rising: Part 1 (TV-Y7, FV) After the Gods are drained of their power, it is discovered that Theresa has been pushed too far by the Gods and her powers have grown out of control.
Being Ian Piano Man (TV-Y7, FV) Ian makes a deal with a famous pianist so that his parents can get front row seats for their anniversary in exchange for fixing his piano.
ION Life
Anna and Kristina's Beauty Call Out of Control Shoppers (TV-PG) A look at out-of-control shopping habits; shopping against the clock; a viewer gets back her complexion from ten years ago.
Reality Obsessed Casting the Z-List (Repeat, TV-PG) From the reality show "Beauty and the Geek", Nadia Underwood and Dave Olsen take the biggest reality television show fan on a tour of the casting process.
In The Dog House Three's Company, Four's a Crowd (TV-PG) A dog owner believes his pet's behavior is completely acceptable, but he has no idea that after he goes to work, the animal barks incessantly until he returns.
Design Rivals Star Power (TV-PG) On the set of a soap opera, Chris and Stephen meet Lilana. Later, the designers find Lilana's condo is badly in need of a makeover so they offer help.
Your House & Home (TV-G) A look at how to apply a patterned tile floor for a must-have home design; how to upgrade hardware in showers; bring birds to your home; sliding glass doors.
Room To Grow Curb Appeal (TV-G) Carson increases the curb appeal of a small front yard garden while Amanda spreads the same French Provincial-style to the front porch.
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