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Inspiration Today Camp Meeting (TV-PG) Impassioned teachers and lively musical guests aid David and Barbara Cerullo as they worship and preach about God.
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Mickey's Farm Turtle; Turkey (TV-Y) Micky is surprised to see a rock get up and walk away until Tanner the Turtle explains; Tom the Turkey teaches the difference between chickens and turkeys.
Mickey's Farm Letters to Santa; Skunk (TV-Y) Mickey doesn't understand why their mailbox won't send letters to Santa; Selma the Skunk teaches Mickey why skunks sometimes spray people.
Fishtronaut The Case of the End of the World; The Case of the Plastic Bottles (Repeat, TV-Y) Zeek misunderstands Dr. Green's comments about the eclipse and starts a rumor that causes an uproar with the creatures of the park.
Fishtronaut The Case of the Puppies; The Case that Fell from the Sky (Repeat, TV-Y) The gang meets a new friend and help some abandoned puppies find a new home; a chicken wishes to have the ability to fly and is unhappy.
Doki Team Tenderfoot; Doki's Egg Experiment (Repeat, TV-Y7) Gabi and Doki travel to Colorado where they get a chance to work as cowboys; Team Doki tries to fry an egg on the sidewalk in Chimborazo, Equador.
Doki Deep Freeze Doki; Pentathlon Pranks (Repeat, TV-Y7) Team Doki visits Nunavut, Canada to learn how people that far north stay warm; the team visits Olympia, Greece to learn more about images painted on a vase.
ION Life
Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr Desk Jockey Gentle Yoga (HD, TV-G) With sunflowers in the background, Sarah uses a chair to showcase yoga poses that can be done during breaks at work or on a long airplane ride.
Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr Smokey Falls (HD, TV-G) Host Sarah Starr shows viewers how to use a chair to perform yoga, instead of a yoga mat.
Yummy Mummy Do I Make Myself Clear? (TV-PG) Baby sign language; a family therapist explores the mysteries behind toddler tantrums; ways to restore date night communication.
Yummy Mummy Help, I'm Turning Into My Mom! (TV-PG) Get tips for a stlylin' lid, how to find a nanny, and test driving sexy yet practical cars, all in a lesson on how not to turn into your mother.
Cindy Crawford's Skincare Secrets
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