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« Blue Bloods No Retreat No Surrender (HD, TV-14) A witness from one of Erin's old cases asks for her help to stop the drug operation based in his apartment building; Frank investigates the Mayor's office.
Blue Bloods Foreign Interference (HD, TV-14) Danny, Baez and two Russian operatives try to locate a Russian man who used a diplomatic visa; Erin and Anthony discover tampered evidence.
Blue Bloods The Thin Blue Line (HD, TV-14) Danny is targeted by a Mexican drug cartel after he seizes one of their shipments; Jamie sets off on his own to find a serial killer who targets the elderly.
Blue Bloods Confessions (HD, TV-14) When a boy goes missing and his only hope of being found is a priest, Frank finds he must try everything he can to convince the priest to break confession.
Fishtronaut The Case of Billy's Disappearance; The Case of the Three Singers (Repeat, TV-Y) Mac goes on an adventure by himself to a hidden part of the forest in search of a rare black orchid, but he makes the mistake of going without a map.
George and Martha The Garden; Split Pea Soup (TV-Y) The garden club holds a meeting and George has sore feet.
George and Martha The Acting Class; Baby Doll (TV-Y) George and Martha must take care of a doll while the mother is away.
Raggs Color (TV-Y) While a group of dogs has trouble deciding which ball to play with, another dog learns how to mix colors in order to make a picture for her grandmother.
Raggs Size (TV-Y) Before the group leaves for a big party, they must learn to wrap presents in different sizes; Trilby must rid the fleas that are biting her before they spread.
Doki North to Doki-land; Runaway Runaround (Repeat, TV-Y7) A new island mysteriously appears and Team Doki heads out to investigate; Team Doki heads to an airport to look for old spare parts.
ION Life
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Chef at Large Dude Ranch: Taste of the Wild West (TV-G) Chef Michael Smith visits Three Bars Guest and Cattle Ranch located in the Canadian Rockies and takes over as head chef on chef's night off.
Chef at Large Cruise Ship: Extravagance on the Sea (TV-G) Chef Michael Smith joins the kitchen crew of a cruise ship and takes over the roles of everyone, including the head chef and the dishwasher.
Chef at Large Kings Landing: A Very Old Meal (TV-G) Chef Michael Smith is faced with the challenge of cooking an 1800s meal with modern day ingredients at Kings Landing Historical Settlement in New Brunswick.
Chef at Large Oktoberfest: Cooking Up a Party (TV-G) Chef Michael Smith experiences the stress of cooking for 4,000 people a day at the Kitchner-Waterloo Oktoberfest as he learns new recipes for german food.
Chef at Large Scouts Jamboree: Creating Young Chefs (TV-G) Chef Michael Smith goes camping with the boy and girl scouts on their Scouts Canada Jamboree to teach them how to cook, including a lesson on pig roasting.
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