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« Criminal Minds Corazon (HD, TV-14) Reid suffers a series of headaches and hallucinations that leave him concerned; BAU travels to Miami to look into bizarre, ritualistic murders.
Criminal Minds The Thirteenth Step (HD, TV-14) BAU hits the road to track down a pair of young lovers on an interstate murder spree; Prentiss hears some frightening news from her former boss at Interpol.
Criminal Minds Sense Memory (HD, TV-14) When three women are found murdered in a similar manner, the BAU heads to Los Angeles to investigate the strange deaths; Emily Prentiss' past is revealed.
Criminal Minds Today I Do (HD, TV-14) The BAU team is called to upstate New York to look into some mysterious disappearances; Prentiss gets some disturbing news about a former colleague at Interpol.
Animal Atlas Down On The Farm, E-I-E-I-O (HD, TV-G) Viewers are given a look at farm animals and how they are both companions and food sources for people.
Safari Tracks Animal Addresses (TV-G) A look at the many different kinds of dens, burrows, nests, holes, mounds and reefs that animals call home; the homes and natural habitats of diverse animals.
Safari Tracks Buffalo Still Roam (TV-G) The crew roams far and wide to observe the behavior and habits of the Cape Buffalo, considered to be the most dangerous animals in Africa.
Xploration Animal Science Creatures of North America (HD, TV-PG) Scientific experts use a variety animations and graphics to show how and why animals are able to survive and thrive in their given environments.
Xploration Animal Science Europe's Coolest Creatures (HD, TV-PG) Scientific experts use a variety animations and graphics to show how and why animals are able to survive and thrive in their given environments.
Zoo Clues After the Dinosaurs (HD, TV-G) Host Bill Llyod answers many frequently asked questions, and shares little-known information about some of the world's most amazing animals.
ION Life
Colour Confidential Pim and Rachael's Kitchen (TV-G) Pim and his daughter Rachael need a more inviting design plan for their funky and bright kitchen that initially was fine for one person.
For Your Home Holy Faux, Part 6 (TV-G) Host Vicki Payne invites a group of decorative artists to help transform certain areas to make them appeal more to imaginative children.
For Your Home Dream Spaces, Part 7 (TV-G) Vicki takes her time in focusing on the creative decorations of the dining room and master bedroom while using metallic accents and vibrantly colored fabrics.
Room To Grow Curb Appeal (TV-G) Carson increases the curb appeal of a small front yard garden while Amanda spreads the same French Provincial-style to the front porch.
Room To Grow Dual Nature (TV-G) Carson overhauls neglected, neighboring garden beds in a two-tiered garden, while Amanda brings a friendly atmosphere to one patio, and solitude to another.
Search and Restore Jeep TJ on Steroids Part III (TV-G) Tim Strange and his team of mechanics travel across the country in their signature Ford F-350 to locate cars in desperate need of repair.
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