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« Out for Justice (TV-14, R, **) A tough Brooklyn cop seeks revenge for the murder of his partner and long-time friend, but he will have to find the killer before an angry mob boss finds him.
Burn Notice Good Soldier (HD, TV-14) Michael helps his latest client, the assistant manager of an armored truck company, who is being pressured to assist with a heist.
Burn Notice Do No Harm (HD, TV-14) Michael offers protection to a single father whose son is suffering from a serious heart condition, which led the father into a deal with conmen.
Burn Notice Hot Spot (HD, TV-14) Michael must recover stolen goods from a factory during a fire, and it is up to Sam and Fiona to get him out safely.
Sammy's Story Shop Caps For Sale; Stone Soup; The Stonecutter (TV-Y7) Stolen caps result in monkey business; three soldiers con selfish inhabitants for food and shelter; the story of a stonecutter.
Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series The Avonlea Herald (TV-G) The children are inspired by Rachel Lynde to start up their own weekly newspaper, but Anne's editorial attitude needs an adjustment.
Pippi Longstocking Pippi Returns to Villa Villekula (TV-Y7) An imaginative girl with incredible strength sets up residence in a small Swedish town with a horse and a monkey, meets her neighbors, and unsettles adults.
Animal Exploration with Jarod Miller Animals in the Extreme (TV-G) Jarod examines some animals that are uniquely suited to survive in extreme environments, from bitter cold to scorching heat.
Rescue Heroes: Global Response Team Peril on the Peaks (TV-Y7, FV) A rookie member of the team accidentally puts the other Rescue Heroes at risk when he decides to take matters into his own hands during a fire rescue.
Willa's Wild Life Willa Sets the Stage; Willa in the Wilderness (TV-Y7) Willa overcomes her case of stage fright by rehearsing with her animals; Willa camps out with her animals after her initial attempt is rained out.
ION Life
Room To Grow Memories of Paris (TV-G) Carson and Amanda create a courtyard makeover by adding an herb garden and bistro table to create a Parisian atmosphere.
Diva on a Dime Expecting Style (TV-PG) As an expectant mother's belly grows, she uses her husband's clothes to cover up, but before her big baby shower, she gets a great new look without spend a lot.
Downright Domestic 10 Terrific Transformations A series of makeovers, involving interior design, fashion, and cosmetic procedures.
Style by Jury Katerina (TV-G) A Greek grandmother suffering from nest syndrome desperately wants a makeover, so Bruce steps in and gives her a radical seven-day transformation.
Bulging Brides Dress Stress Tommy and Nadeen try to help a bride revert back to her healthier eating and exercise routines before she embarks for the wedding in the Caribbean.
Southern Fried Fitness Feed Your Figure Right, With This Designer Dinner (TV-G) Robin shares her commitment to helping people embrace their body types and understand the nutrition that is best for them.
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